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A Leading Member of Arlickhill Gundogs

For something a bit different on the new site we're going to regularly add a "Feature Dog" item.

Litza was one of the very best Labrador gundogs we've ever had at Arlickhill Gundogs. He had all the attributes required in a good gundog, he was intelligent(some say too clever for his own good at times!!), strong and athletic, a superb swimmer, amazing eyesight and of course an excellent sense of smell.

He was first and foremost a member of the family and although no longer with us, his lineage lives on in our current working gundog team.

Dog Care.

Dog Walking

Our aim is to walk all our dogs a minimum of three times a day.

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We're very experienced looking after dogs on medication.

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Its a legal requirement to have all dogs vaccinated, including kennel cough.

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Our kennels are fully insulated with heating installed.

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Regular Dog Walking

A healthy lifestyle for both as we exercise ourselves as well as the dogs!

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Our Team.



Chief Dog Walker

Business Owner

Hannah and Heidi

Hannah and Heidi

Secondary Dog Walkers

Regular dog walkers/helpers, also both daft on horses.....

Quenty and Zoie

Quenty and Zoie

General Dogs Body and Veterinary Surgeon

Both help out at the kennels when they can or not away fishing!


Wood of Coldrain
Kinross KY130QW

Opening Hours(Drop off and Pick Up)

8.30am - 9.30am
4.00pm - 5.00pm


Email: [email protected] (if emailing please check your spam and include a contact tel number too so we can contact you if email is down)

TEL: 07742 603 952