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How To Book and What We Need From You.

Please take time to read our guide for booking through. Believe it or not, it is not simply a case of booking a slot and turning up on the day!

Step 1 - Booking Enquiry

There are essentially four ways you can make contact in the first instance with us at Arlickhill Boarding Kennels. We are all pretty savvy here with new technology so it shouldn't be long before you get a response from us which ever you choose!


  •  By telephone on 01577 863381 or mobile 07742 603 952.

  •  By enquiry form which can be found here.

  •  By email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please leave an alternative contact medium such as phone number or messenger in case we cannot reach or reply to you by email. Customers using GMail, mac, AOL, Outlook and other generic high level domain email addresses are asked to diligently check their spambox for returned emails. Please whitelist our email address or identify "not as spam" so it does not default to the spam folder. Please check your spam regularly.  We receive occasional comments about not receiving our return emails, please note that all our emails are logged and traced to delivery through our server and to date we have never sent an email that has been undelivered in 10 years. The issue is usually caused by the receiving email server, diverting to spam or auto deleting on delivery, these actions are out of our control.

  •  As you've probably noticed Arlickhill Boarding Kennels are on Facebook. Send us a facebook message!


Step 2 - Medication, Animal Health Care and Vaccination Certificates:

We take the welfare and health of your dog very seriously and have a strict medical admission policy. We are pleased to take your pet/s for boarding at Arlickhill Boarding Kennels on the following basis:

  •  All dogs must be vaccinated and have had all the necessary annual booster injections against Hepititis, Distemper, Leptospirosis and Parvo-virus within the previous 12 months and at a minimum of 14 days prior to admission.
  •  We also insist on having your pet vaccinated against kennel cough.
  •  Valid vaccination certificates must be presented on the arrival. Please take note of this or unfortunately your dog will be turned away on arrival.
  • Please note! In the wider interests of our boarders, dogs exhibiting symptoms of any of these preceding diseases or kennel cough on arrival will be refused entry to the kennels.
  • Regarding Medication, we are happy to follow prescribed veterinary treatments.


Step 3 - Delivery and Collection

Just as you would expect from a hotel when there are strict booking in and booking out terms which allow planned access for cleaning and restocking for the next customer, we have to operate the same policy.  Your tariff, drop off and pickup times will all be agreed and signed off by you on your arrival.  Hence for these operational reasons Arlickhill Boarding Kennels can only be open to the public at particular times of the day these are:

  •  All Week: Morning 8.30am - 9.30am  Afternoon: 4.00pm - 5.00p.m.
  •  For the safety of livestock on the farm and surrounding countryside All Dogs must be delivered to and picked up from the kennels securely attached to a lead.


Step 4 - Terms and Conditions of Booking, Confirmation of Booking and Dropping Off Time Slot.

We will confirm the dog/s boarding arrival and departure dates and times with you prior to your arrival.  On arrival we ask that so we can look after your pet to the best of our ability that you read and agree to our terms and conditions. A summary is outlined below:

  •  In the event of illness or injury you allow us to treat your pet by a designated Veterinary Surgeon of our choice.
  •  Please note that dogs arriving showing symptoms of Kennel Cough or any other prenoted disease will be refused entry and unfortunately turned away.
  •  Dangerous Dogs: For legal and personnel safety reasons we cannot and do not board dog breeds as highlighted or similar to those described in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
  •  Dangerous Dogs: For personnel safety reasons we will not board a dog with an aggressive history or poses a hazard to personnel, by agreeing to the terms and conditions the owner is liable and warrants that their dog/s are safe and have no history of aggression or biting towards people or other dogs.
  •  The pet is left in the trust of Arlickhill Boarding Kennels at the owners own risk.
  •  Delivery and collection times are agreed at the time of booking. Failure to adhere to appointments will incur a boarding surcharge.
  •  TARIFF: The tariff for boarding is charged per day of occupation. This can be agreed at the time of booking, any overstay beyond the agreed times and dates will incur a further boarding charge.
  •  Kennel sharing is only permitted by a single owner.
  •  Dog walking can only carried out by Arlickhill Kennels personnel and no one else.
  •  For insurance and licence compliance purposes only owners can be permitted to visit or walk their dog during the boarding term.
  •  Booking dates confirmed by you/the owner with Arlickhill Kennels are chargeable unless a minimum of 14 days prior notice is given.
  •  Bedding, medicine, food, toys and other owners possessions that are left for the dog/s will be returned at the end of their stay, no guarantee of safe return can be made of these by Arlickhill Boarding Kennels.